Helping clients navigate a rapidly changing world


Our planet is getting a heat stroke, while at the same time its precious ecosystems are getting decimated. We need to act collectively now to ensure that our children have a future.


Business are facing numerous ESG challenges and are subject to increasing scrutiny by regulators and other stakeholders of their disclosures.

We help clients realize their ESG initiatives and meet disclosure obligations to their stakeholders.


Carbon markets create a financial incentive for organizations and states to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, encouraging the transition to a low-carbon economy and facilitating global efforts to combat climate change.

We provide expertise in carbon project development to help clients realise their emission reduction projects and to navigate the complex landscape of carbon markets.

Renewable Energy

Solar PV, together with onshore wind, have achieved the lowest levelized cost of energy (LCOE). To achieve the world's net-zero targets while at the same time address global demand for energy, significantly more renewable energy deployments will need to be rolled out over the coming two decades.

We help clients evaluate and deploy solar PV systems to realize substantial cost savings and GHG emission reductions.


With more than a decade of international experience in the sector, we provide clients advice and program management services for their fintech initiatives.


Payments for goods and services using mobile devices has, after years of trial and error, become as common place as paying in cash.

We help clients define and deploy domestic payment services tailored to traits of their local market.


Transferring money internationally continues to be expensive in many countries, especially for smaller amounts.

We apply our extensive experience in this field to help clients navigate the complex international landscape of remittances.


In emerging markets access to credit by consumers can be difficult due to the lack of available credit risk profiles by borrowers.

We help clients deploy innovative solutions that use alternate data sources to generate credit scores and enable consumers access to credit.

Real Estate

WiredScore certification

Quality digital connectivity is the lifeblood of commercial buildings, fueling innovation, productivity, and success.

To recognize and promote best-in-class digitally connected buildings, WiredScore has developed and conducts a certification program across the globe.

We carry out assessments of commercial buildings according to WiredScore's criteria and help clients implement improvements to attain a higher WiredScore assessment score and certification level.

SmartScore certification

Smart buildings provide workplaces with exceptional user experiences that meet high standards of sustainability, operate efficiently, and are future-ready.

SmartScore certification is a global standard that recognizes and promotes technologically advanced smart buildings globally.

We conduct assessments of commercial buildings according to WiredScore's criteria and help clients implement improvements to attain a higher SmartScore assessment score and certification level.

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Technological change and capacity growth in telecom networks in the past 20 years is astonishing. This change has served as a foundation for a plethora services that we take for granted today, yet we could have only barely imagined before.

We have taken centre stage on this journey and had the fortune to work on truly groundbreaking projects with some amazing teams pushing the limits of what is possible.

BUSiness Development

The speed at which the telecom industry has been advancing creates fertile ground for rapid product development.

We work with clients to define, develop and roll out first-of-a kind services in fintech, mobile marketing, and IoT space.

Mergers & AcqUisitions

Acquisition of businesses with promising growth trajectories has helped highly profitable mobile operators diversify and plan for future revenue streams, as well as put their spare cash to work.

We collaborate with clients to define growth strategies, conduct due diligence on acquisition targets, as well manage the processes for acquiring telecom licenses.

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